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• Athena’s Talent Supply Chain Solution (ATSS) offers an exquisite proactive program to elevate talent acquisition operations

• Talent Mapping process ensures our clients to be “Hire-Ready”, especially in Growth and Succession Planning scenarios

• ATSS enables companies to maintain a pipeline for specific and niche talent in the form of a virtual bench and talent topography

• Our ATSS projects are executed on a real-time and highly intuitive cloud platform for complete transparency & monitoring of the recruitment project

• Athena acutely recognizes the gravity of risks associated with new market entries and hence as a strategic advisor delivers customized services catered to the specific goals of the clients whilst minimizing business risks

• Businesses venturing into new markets are posed with a cluster of quandaries concerning competition, geographical region, talent dynamics, budget, and feasibility, to name a few

• A meticulous market intelligence thus becomes key to being able to weigh the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for clients entering a market

• Our years of experience and expertise in new markets allow us to offer our global clients strategic and actionable insight into new market feasibility, talent topographies, comparative landscapes, and compensation benchmarks

• Athena has conceptualized the unique concept of Persona Due Diligence, designed to minimize business, cultural and reputational risks in transaction-based scenarios

• Athena's Due Diligence service is a comprehensive solution to uncover intangible risks associated with targets which includes a 360-degree target view, encompassing Human Capital/Skill Gap evaluation and Reputational Risk assessment

• We assess the ‘people’ potential of the target firm by conducting extensive primary and secondary research to deliver objective, quantifiable information

• In select cases, we serve as exclusive advisors to assist in the identification of acquisition targets for M&A Transactions

• Athena offers compensation and competitive benchmarking, governed by real-time, accurate, and targeted data capturing

• This enables our clients to make actionable decisions with their employee acquisition and retention blueprint

• We have expertise in tailor-made comparator pool specific to each client’s business challenge

• Athena provides a comprehensive analysis to our clients based on a highly effective consultative and advisory model bringing forth sheer profundity and actionable recommendations to the business

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Athena's ATSS solution has been deployed by clients to augment large-size and niche skills for short- and long-term hiring needs
Our uniqueness in conducting Compensation Benchmarking is in our non-participative, discreet, and primary research approach that ensures real-time and accurate data capturing. Our advisory and prescriptive analytical capabilities intertwined in the process enable organizations to leverage insights that help them make informed decisions and business strategies
We have conducted Persona Due Diligence for our clients in scenarios of M&As and for a significant number of PE/VC portfolios. The need arose when one of our clients conducted a comprehensive commercial and forensic due diligence on their acquisition/investment target and post the acquisition experienced many attritions, client losses, and a rough integration. Perhaps diagnosis of the softer aspects was missed that Athena now captures in its Due Diligence service

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