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• Athena’s Executive Search Services incorporate a client-centric approach and a well-defined search strategy to identify, attract and build leadership teams with equal intensity

• Our time-tested and innovative approach implements a predictive model, enabled by advanced technology including a cloud-based platform

• We, at Athena, have a long history of partnerships with leading organisations including Fortune 100 companies, apex Indian organisations and niche venture funded start-ups

• Guided by a work-ethic that religiously abides by the qualities of trust, transparency, collaboration, and collegiality, we are driven by the principles of excellence

• Athena administers a deep vertical experience to build a strategic advisory arsenal for the sustainable growth of our clients from across industries

• Athena recognizes the sheer value and impact of a competent board of members that oversees and addresses the most complex and operational business challenges

• We implement a client-centered blueprint to each board assignment and apply a range of scientific methodologies to enable the best board recruitments

• Additionally, we have also developed nuanced board-member practices for the start-up ecosystem and have hired stalwarts from the industry to catapult the growth of diverse enterprises

• As a trusted advocate of Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Access, Athena is cognizant of the impact of diverse talent pools and inclusive cultures on an organization’s competitive edge in the global market

• Athena conscientiously endorses the fundamental value to incorporate diversity

• Ethnicities, races, age groups, gender identities, sexual orientations, and persons with disabilities, are some of the fields to name a few

• 20% of our executive search mandates have solely been dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusivity

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We have partnered with our clients to hire at roles across key business functions - Chief Executive Officer & Board of Directors, Digital Officers, Financial Officer, Human Resources Officers, Legal, Risk, Compliance &Government Affairs, Marketing, Sales & Strategy Officers, Supply Chain & Operations Officers, Technology Officers. We collaborate with our clients on hiring niche, critical and strategic leadership roles that accelerate and enable business growth.
Yes, more than sixty-five percent of our searches are conducted outside India, through our global presence in 23 countries, we have been trusted to deliver the highest quality retained searches in key markets across APAC, EMEA, and AMERICAS
We are a sector agnostic search firm, our delivery is backed by a scientific and methodological approach, we have built long-term and trusted relationships with our clients spanning Consumer, Healthcare& Lifesciences, Technology, Digitalization& Innovation, Professional Services, Industrial, Financial Services industry amongst other industry sectors.

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