How is it like to work in an Executive Search firm? - An insight by employee

How is it like to work in an Executive Search firm? - An insight by employee

Executive Search is an art that only proficient consultants possess. “Hiring Executive Leaders is not as straight-forward as it once was” (stated by Charles-Henri Dumon- CEO, Morgan Philips Group)- a belief that I'm firmly convinced of.

The choice of associating with this industry has offered me a profusion of knowledge, exposure & professionalism. Being aligned to this space for almost a year, I have uncovered the astute facts about how it stands out in terms of finding & vetting the best talent across the industries, markets & designations with the help of core competencies & latest technologies. 35% of Executive Recruiters believe that AI is the most significant change affecting the way they hire, ensuring automated candidate searches and finding prospects through advanced search algorithms.

Hiring leadership talent & addressing the business needs, is how it is defined in simplest terms, but very few are aware of the Criticality which the nature of these services hold. As an employee, I perceive this industry as highly driven by innovation, deep analytical & technical expertise, new-age & customized business solutions along with agility. All these are the by-products of a fast moving & ever evolving business environment that is highly centered on change & disruption.

Working in an Executive Search & Business Consulting firm has proved to be an exciting profession for me. The job demands a lot of tenacity & involvement, which is largely rewarded with an immense professional as well as personal growth and development. Moreover, there is a great sense of enlightenment when it comes to networking & interacting with some of the top business leaders; CXOs. When you are representing your brand to such highly experienced business experts, you gradually achieve a desired level of confidence. Above all, being around a team of seasoned professionals is the most prominent factor to successfully sustain in this profession.

Being a part of this industry, I have been able to develop extensive research skills followed by an enhanced interpersonal & business communication skill. It has helped me to grasp the ability to combine traditional, tried & tested methodology with the latest technology and date-driven insights.

Furthermore, Athena's (firm where I work) association with IIC Partners, a global network & world's 7th largest Executive Search Group with reach across major economic centers like Europe, Americas & Asia-Pacific region, is a significant value-add in terms of international exposure & cross-border search experience.

In a nutshell, there are enormous opportunities on the plate for individuals looking to widen their horizons as professionals. So for me, there is still a lot to look forward to!


- Akriti Gupta, Research Associate at Athena Executive Search & Consulting