Life After Lockdown- what after it ends?

Life After Lockdown- what after it ends?

In these critical times, most of us are vehemently waiting for this phase to end and venture back to our normal lifestyles. However, it is important that the life after lockdown should not be immediately rejoiced to ensure that its benefits are reaped for a longer time. The opening up of world is going to be extremely gradual and all of us would need to respect that pace. People around the world would continue taking the necessary precautions as the risk of contracting COVID-19 infection would still be present, at least for some time!

As a citizen or a business leader, we will have to change our ways of addressing life and be accustomed to a new normal.

As a citizen

  • The first and foremost, do not discard your masks! After all, precautions are always better than cure and it would take nothing to use your extra masks while moving into a crowded place
  • Do not immediately plan a vacation at least for a few months. Let the world heal for you to enjoy a much better version of it later!
  • Maintain hygiene at home and in public places. Do not lose out on the good habits later that you are acquiring right now!
  • Respiratory hygiene must be practiced in a crowded set up by covering your mouth while coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid mass gatherings. Let's wait a tad more for throwing big house parties, enjoying large scale family functions, partying at a club, or relishing big dinners together

As a business leader

  • Home office should be encouraged as part of a long-term solution. So now we need to make our homes more work friendly!
  • Distancing within offices would be a must. Re-planning office space, reducing number of people to be working from office and marking out spacing creatively would greatly help
  • A lot more focus on mental health of employees. After all, happier the people better the productivity! Also, it will boost their sense of belonging and ensure a better cultural alignment which is vital, particularly as many will work remotely
  • And of course, being far more Tech-savvy!