How Search Partners Are Reinforcing Organizational Culture

How Search Partners Are Reinforcing Organizational Culture

How employees play a king’s role in building a workplace culture

The culture of an organization is highly perceived by the conduct of people. It is apparent in mutual interactions and behavior, leadership style, responses to the external ecosystem and its surroundings. If all these are in line with a shared set of beliefs and values, the organization would perpetuate a strong culture.

It can’t be denied that an effective culture is a source of achieving organizational goals and maintaining a competitive advantage, and hence driving business success and engagement.

But the throne is always with the monarch!

The leaders of an organization are role models and custodians of the culture and if the leaders fail to live and embrace the values through their behaviour the culture is most likely to become dysfunctional, which may turn into bigger issues that are hard to turn around.

Cherry picking is the key to a happy kingdom

The emphasis on culture fitment in candidate selection plays a pivotal role today, especially at leadership levels, as their comportment trickles down and across the entire organization.

The realm's confidant!

The Executive Search partners play a collegial role in protecting the culture of the client organization by ensuring that the talent that is on-boarded, aligns, upholds, propagates, and strengthens the organization’s values. It has, therefore, become increasingly important for executive search firms to design interview and assessment styles that would uncover the "who" of a candidate, that defines their innate characteristics and can determine their leadership styles, organic alignment, and adaptability. It may also help search consultants to study the values of a candidate’s past companies and request them to transpire different cases on how they upheld the core values in situations of growth and crisis as this will determine how successfully the candidate can manage culture in alignment with the business goals in their future roles.

Aparna Ahuja
Principal, Athena Executive Search & Consulting