✨ Feature 1 with Rajat Bhatia ✨

✨ Feature 1 with Rajat Bhatia ✨

“Always stay in touch with the ground-level realities”, says Rajat Bhatia, SVP & Head - People and Culture at Fareportal.

Rajat believes in an approach to HR that is aimed at breaking the monotony of conventional processes and building a more transformative function aligned cohesively with business outcomes. To be effective in this space, he adds, one should understand the ground-level realities of people and effectively collaborate and work with the team.

He enjoys working in his role because there is always room for continuous experimentation and innovation. He is provided with an opportunity to work with flexibility and with a team of talented individuals who support and challenge him to become better every day.

Rajat’s valuable advice to early-career professionals would be to:

➡️ Spend time in understanding the business well.

➡️ Get deep knowledge of the domain and product you are part of and,

➡️ Always invest in learning and absorbing information

We at Athena Executive Search & Consulting (AESC) are a global consulting firm with vast experience in supporting organizations looking to onboard leadership talent across critical business functions. We commenced a series that seeks to highlight some of the most distinguished leaders in human resources. This series will bring a spotlight on their journey, learnings and perhaps answer some pertinent questions for aspiring HR leaders.