✨ Feature 3 with Priyanka Shetty ✨

✨ Feature 3 with Priyanka Shetty ✨

“To be a woman in the corporate world, it becomes essential to create space for themselves and believe in your worth and achievements”, says Priyanka Shetty, Senior Director - People Solutions at Indegene.

Women at work often deal with imposter syndrome. For having a successful career, it is imperative to make yourself more visible and having a mentor who pushes you to realize your potential is helpful in this journey.

Priyanka’s advice for early career professionals would be to:

➡️ Reflect on what you want your career trajectory to look like. Have a plan but keep your mind open to different possibilities.

➡️ Ask for opportunities, if you don’t ask, you most likely won’t get. Whether it is asking about feedback, support or incentives, always ask.

➡️ Don’t fear saying ‘I don’t know’ but always be curious to learn what you don’t know. Her motto for her career has always been to keep learning.

➡️ Find a good mentor who supports you and understands your journey and potential. They may help you see things from unique perspectives and discover new capabilities.

At work, Priyanka says that she most enjoys the feeling of empowerment, freedom and community due to her wonderful team. 
“We have a high-trust relationship and I know that whatever tasks and outcomes we are set to do, we will deliver together.”

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