✨ Feature 4 with Arun Paul ✨

✨ Feature 4 with Arun Paul ✨

"It is essential to cultivate a culture that values data and insights", says Arun Paul, Head of Human Resources - APAC at Orion Innovation.

Arun mentions that it is important to encourage employees to make data-backed decisions and provide them with the necessary tools and training to do so.

He derives great motivation and work satisfaction from providing coaching and mentoring support to his team. For him, the greatest reward is seeing his team members grow and succeed, knowing that he has played a meaningful role in their professional development.

Arun's advice for early career professionals would be to:

➡️ Understand that putting in the hard work is critical to success, "there is no substitute for hard work", he says. Success involves going the extra mile and making a conscious effort to continuously improve and strive for excellence. 

➡️ He also believes that there is always something new to learn and that one should be agile and responsive to the evolving needs of their industry and continuously update themselves accordingly.

We at Athena Executive Search & Consulting (AESC) are a global consulting firm with vast experience in supporting organizations looking to onboard leadership talent across critical business functions. We commenced a series that seeks to highlight some of the most distinguished leaders in human resources. This series will bring a spotlight on their journey, learnings and perhaps answer some pertinent questions for aspiring HR leaders.