✨ Feature 5 with Manish Kotwani ✨

✨ Feature 5 with Manish Kotwani ✨

"The chance to build organizations while nurturing careers is something I love, Human Capital is the career I have invested in!” says Manish Kotwani, Head of HR & Admin at Course5i

As an HR leader, he enjoys the diversity in his roles and responsibilities across different geographies, taking on new challenges and aligning workforces that build successful organizations.

The challenges he faced in his HR career have been multifold. Navigating volatile global markets, hiring and retaining niche skills, and accommodating generational diversity while managing and building a global workforce can be tough, but interesting too!

Manish emphasizes that his approach includes being creative, driving a purpose led workforce whose aspirations are aligned with the organizations’, building a ‘learning organization’, operating collaboratively and enjoying the journey and this has helped him achieve his personal and professional goals.

Manish’s advice for early career professionals would be to:

➡️ Prioritize effectively. This means giving purposeful time and effort to their organization and career.

➡️ Remember that experiencing challenging times is as important as experiencing smooth phases, and constantly upgrading skills and building a strong skill set is crucial.

➡️ Develop soft skills and maintain a human touch. Remember to have fun while working, it will help you with accepting the realities of life when you're older.

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