✨ Feature 8 with Manish Chadha ✨

✨ Feature 8 with Manish Chadha ✨

“In my career, I have never met a teammate who has not been able to perform" says Manish Chadha, Head of HR & Admin at Ozone Overseas Pvt. Ltd. 

He expresses his belief that when individuals feel psychologically safe and supported by their managers and leaders, they are more motivated and disciplined and are bound to perform well.  “The performance of pawns in a chess game really depends on the skill & strategy of the hand which is playing the game”, he says.  

Manish highlights the importance of moving beyond academic HR and practicing the true essence of leadership which comes down to establishing a connection with employees. 

By actively listening and engaging with the employees, Manish fosters a strong sense of connection and support. Manish emphasizes that regardless of the size of the organization, whether it's a 5,000 people company or a larger organization with 1 lakh employees, the HR leader's role is to establish and nurture this connection. 
Manish believes that three factors are key for success in any department: Common Sense, Bias for Action and Business Context. 
His advice for early career professionals is to: 
➡️ Understand the importance of taking action rather than waiting for the perfect opportunity 

For example, recruitment and internal promotion programs should be structured with minimum interventions to support business goals effectively.  

➡️ Grasp the business context thoroughly, regardless of whether one has a business degree or not. HR processes need to align with the organization's life cycle and goals for the function to be effective. 

➡️ Recognize that different people within an organization need to be managed differently, and identifying and understanding their individual journeys is key. 

➡️ Be comfortable with extensive communication. The people profession requires constant liaison with individuals so having an attitude to interact and resolve people's queries is essential for HR professionals. 

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