✨ Feature 9 with Monika Srivastava ✨

✨ Feature 9 with Monika Srivastava ✨

“It is essential to maintain a sense of ambition and not fall into complacency after achieving a certain level of success” says Monika Srivastava, Head - Leadership & Sales Hiring at Quest Global. 

According to Monika, it is important to adopt a proactive approach and implement robust talent mapping processes to efficiently and effectively identify individuals who possess the requisite skills and competencies that align with one’s organization. 

She mentions that a lot has changed in the HR function over the last few years. Presently, HR plays a pivotal role in various aspects such as hiring, training, and enablement, which are directly linked to the overall business strategy. The partnership between HR and the business is now more collaborative and strategic, going beyond a traditional stamp-issuing role. 

Strive for Excellence - She believes in the relentless pursuit of progress and still thinks there is still much to be accomplished, and she considers herself an aspirational individual capable of meeting objectives. This aspiration serves as her motivation, as she believes there is something remarkable awaiting in the future.

AI as an Enabler - Monika believes that compliance and assistance can certainly be provided by technology. However, it is important to recognize that the human mind and human touch are distinct and valuable. They do not seek to replace individuals but rather offer opportunities for us to perform our roles more effectively. 

Monika’s advice for early career professionals would be to:

➡️ Embrace challenges and maintain a forward-looking mindset at the start of their careers 
➡️ Aspire to create an impact and consistently seek ways to contribute to the organization's growth 
➡️ Continuously learn and have the zest to evolve their mindset and growth within their respective organizations. 

We at Athena Executive Search & Consulting (AESC) are a global consulting firm with vast experience in supporting organizations looking to onboard leadership talent across critical business functions. We commenced a series that seeks to highlight some of the most distinguished leaders in human resources. This series will bring a spotlight on their journey, learnings and perhaps answer some pertinent questions for aspiring HR leaders.